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House of Jude child poncho's are hand-loomed by talented Turkish artisans.  The poncho is a must have for littles aprés bath, pool or beach and will fit children 1-6 years old. These are a unique blend of Turkish cotton and bamboo weave which allows ponchos to dry quickly but the blend is also naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell.


Littles will feel cozy and will dry much faster making it much more comfortable to hang out in. Absorbent yet lightweight, making for a perfect travel towel.  One of the best features is that the poncho naturally repels sand and grass, just give it a shake!  


Because these are hand-loomed, natural variations may be found in the towels, making each one unique and beautiful.  The perfect cozy addition to your family wellness routines! 


45 cm by 60 cm

Child Poncho - Vanilla

  • 100% bamboo

  • Machine wash on cold, hang to dry, snuggle and repeat 

    Soak in cold water overnight before first use to allow the fibres to plump up and begin the natural softening process

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