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Rejuvenate Me was created to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, unclog pores, clear acne, heal underlying skin damage, and more. This luxury serum is plant-based and made with nourishing, high-quality oils to improve your skin’s appearance. Rejuvenate Me is your all-natural solution to help with a variety of skin concerns. 


30 ml Bottle

Earthley Rejuvenate Me Face Oil

  • Benefits:

    • Pure, botanical skincare
    • Naturally detoxes
    • Anti-aging properties
    • Gently moisturizes 
    • Restores skin damaged by acne
    • Feeds good bacteria on your skin
    • Fights acne
    • Fights dry skin 
    • Brightens skin
    • Soothes sensitive skin
    • Soothes redness
    • Soothes irritation
    • Reduces inflammation

    Free of:

    • Parabens
    • Sulfates
    • Phthalates
    • Fragrance
    • Allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish)
    • Preservatives
    • Fillers
    • Binders
    • Potassium sorbate
    • Sodium benzoate
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Dimethicone
    • Argan oil*
    • Raspberry seed oil
    • Frankincense essential oil
    • Coriander essential oil
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