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Sweet almond oil was used in Ayurvedic, Ancient Chinese, and Greco-Persian medicine. Today, we know that it has an incredible nutrient profile including antioxidant vitamin E, cholesterol-beating phytosterols and fatty acids. Vitamin E is nourishing for your skin.


Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil is made from cold-pressed Italian almonds to preserve their classic nutty flavor. It lends a delicious flavor to sweet and savory dishes, and is also lovely in baked goods.


It is also non-comedogenic, making it a great option to use as a nourishing face oil, or as a carrier oil.


100 ml

Erbology Organic Italian Sweet Almond Oil

  • Great for: Glowing, healthy-looking skin

    Nutrient profile: Rich in antioxidant vitamin E and omega-9 fatty acids

    Flavor: Light and pleasantly nutty

    Why Erbology? To make our oil, we cold-press organic Italian almonds in small batches, as we believe they’re the best in the world

    Top tip: Use in sweet or savory recipes or apply directly to skin and hair as a moisturizing treatment at night

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