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Ergogenics Whole Greens include families of algae, green vegetables, sea vegetables, teas and grasses. It's freeze-dried RAw to prevent nutrient loss, resulting in a broad spectrum of nutritional benefits. Free of pesticides, fertilizers, GMO's and the use of solvents. Ergogenics Whole Greens has the highest concentration of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals to protect and heal the body.


210g Tub

Ergogenics Sea Vegetables + Whole Greens

SKU: 0113
  • Organic Spirulina, Organic Chorella, Organic Wakame, Organic Irish Sea Moss, Organic Rockweed, Organic Bladderwack, Organic Dulce, Organic Sea Lettuce, Organic Moringa, Organic Kale, Organic Broccolli Floret, Organic Cabbage, Organic Spinach, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Barely Grass Juice, Organic Wheatgrass Juice.

    Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Non GMO. No Sugar. 100% Vegan


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