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This box is specifically curated for the chocolate loving family!  A gift of goodies brother, sister, mama & papa bear will all enjoy!


Drizzle Raw Honey – Drizzle Cacao Luxe is part of our Superfood Honey Collection, and as always is bee-friendly, completely raw, 100% Canadian, health conscious and superfood powered!


Cosmic Cacao Hot Chocolate – blend of raw cacao, boosted with velvety immune modulating chaga mushroom + adaptogenic ashwagandha root, elevated with the welcome heat of cinnamon + ginger + then balanced beautifully by the earthy sweetness of maca and lucuma. filled with vitamin B, C + E, beta carotene, calcium, zinc, iron, antioxidants, fiber + magnesium, it may help balance mood + nourish the soul.


Vivani Organic Kids Milk Chocolate

Vivani Organic Peppermint Chocolate


Valued at $52

Family of Chocolate Lovers

  • See product listing for full ingredient descriptions.

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