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The formula that launched the brand: This tea was created to support all organs of the body in its detoxification process. It contains a full-spectrum blend of the top detoxifying herbs that target the lymphatic system, liver, kidney, bladder, lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal tract.* These herbs are also anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. Use alongside your regular diet or pair with the recipes in the Detox Recipe e-Booklet for a full benefit.

FOOD OVER DRUGS Whole Body Detox Tea

  • Most of us have been told that our bodies do all the work of detoxification for us. We have our liver, our bowels, and of course we sweat. While this is all true, today’s food and lifestyle habits accumulate waste in our bodies faster than we have the time or means to eliminate. Our bodies simply can not keep up with the amount of waste to be released, and we know this because of the symptoms that show up. We see decreased or abnormal immune function, skin conditions, organ dysfunctions, inflammation, and of course cancer. All of these are indicators that the body is withholding waste.

    When we eliminate the substances that produce waste in the body and incorporate both the foods and herbs that support the body’s elimination (detoxification) process, we begin to see healing. Furthermore, we begin to see the reversal of chronic illnesses and disease.

    This tea was created for this purpose— to support the whole body in its process of detoxification.*

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