Green Bay's Wild Gourmet Fine Kelp is an Iodine-rich, natural alternative to salt.


"Iodine is an essential nutrient for humans. Although only required in very small amounts, it is an important constituent of thyroid hormones. These hormones maintain the body’s metabolic state and support normal growth and development in children. As iodine is essential for normal brain development, it is particularly important that the unborn baby (fetus) and young children have adequate intakes."


Green Bay's kelp is harvested from the clean, pristine South Pacific seas of New Zealand and is naturally dried before being milled into fine kelp flakes for easy consumption. Sprinkle this gourment condiment on fish, vegetables and eggs or stir into your favourite soups.


Kelp is a natural absorber of radiation, highly nutritious and has a balancing effect on the thyroid gland.

Green Bay Kelp

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  • Pregancy and breastfeeding: According to the NZ Ministry of Health, in an article about Iodine on the 14th, 2014:

    "Requirements for iodine increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding and even with a well balanced diet, it is difficult to get enough iodine from food alone. Women of child bearing age are encouraged to choose foods that are important sources of iodine"