When it comes to using mushrooms as a superfood or medicine, much of the research and clinical experience shows that they are more effective when taken as a multi-mushroom combination. As many of the superfood mushrooms contain similar chemistry, the combination gives a more full spectrum of the polysaccharides, triglycerides and other phytonutrients they contain.Synergistically the mushrooms work together to enhance the overall immuno-modulating potential and antipathogenic qualities that this group of healing mushrooms are most known for. If there is one mushroom in particular that has the beneficial properties that can assist a specific imbalance, then it can be recommended to take a combination of half that mushroom and half a multi mushroom formula to help support it. This can be done by adding additional mushrooms to a tea blend or using a dual extract powder or tincture combination.


50 ml bottle

Harmonic Arts 14 Mushroom

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    Chaga: Boosts the immune system 
    Reishi: Defends against stress 
    Cordyceps: Supports energy and endurance 
    Turkey Tail: Immune booster and digestive aid 
    Lion's Mane: Cognitive-enhancing

    Dual Extracted with water and alcohol

    28% alcohol 1:5

    Made with organic cane alcohol, spring water, and 14 medicinal mushrooms:

    **Reishi 10 parts
     *Cordyceps 10 parts
    **Chaga 10 parts
     *Mesima 10 parts
    **Lion's Mane 10 parts
     *Turkey Tail 6 parts
     *Maitake 6 parts
     *Shiitake 6 parts
     *Blazei 6 parts
     *Poria 6 parts
     *Agarikon 5 parts
     *Suehirotake 5 parts
     *Oyster Mushroom 5 parts
     *True Tinder Polypore 5 parts

    * Activated mushroom preparation of mycelium.
    ** Activated mushroom preparation of mycelium and fruiting body.

    *Organic certified by Ecocert

  • 10-30 drops 2-4 times/ day or as recommended by your practitioner.