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Eliminate candida overgrowth and promote a thriving microbiome with our Candida Combat formula


  • Combats candida and other fungal infections
  • Relieves skin irritation, headache and fatigue.
  • Restores digestive vigor and regularity.
  • Features Goldenseal, Oregon Grape and Garlic, with a long history of therapeutic use as antifungal immune enhancers.


Use Harmonic Arts Candida Combat tincture if you’re suffering from candida overgrowth or recurring fungal infection.

Harmonic Arts Candida Combat

SKU: 0250
  • Made with Organic Cane Alcohol, Canadian Spring Water, Cat's Claw Bark †, Pau d'Arco †, Goldenseal*, Oregon Grape Root †, Garlic*
    * Organic
    † Wildharvested

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