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Beef Liver is jam-packed with a TON of highly effective vitamins and minerals but Higher Healths has reduced the liver down to a much more palatable form to consume.


Iron deficency is quite common in many people and unfortunately synthetic iron supplements don't do enough to help those with anemia, the plant based supplements are also not enough because it's the heme iron that is required & most absorbable.


Higher Healths has taken grass fed and grass finished (cow's raised on only grass their entire life, no grains) and created a dehydrolized liver to encapsulate... this is the purest form of liver you can get in and outside of a capsule!  


We recommend this particularly for mums planning for baby, pregnant and postpartum!


Optimize your health with this phenomenal, pure, natural, nutrient-dense SUPER-FOOD

Higher Healths Beef Liver

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