The Holle Happy Box is an excellent gift for a babe who is eating a variety of solid foods! 


The Holle Junior Muesli cereals are great on their own or blended in to yogurt parfaits or even junior baked apple crumbles!


Holle crunchy's, fruit bars and biscuits are the perfect snack for those on the go babes or just simply in between meals!


This box is suitable for babes 8 months plus, provided that your baby has been introduced to a variety of different solids.


1 Holle Junior Muesli with Cornflakes

1 Holle Junior Muesli with Fruit

1 Holle Crunchy

1 Holle Fruit Bars

1 Holle Biscuits

1 Holle Apple Banana fruit bar

1 Holle Apple Pear fruit bar


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Holle Happy Box - 8 months plus

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  • Junior Muesli with Cornflakes - Demeter rolled oats* 55 %, demeter cornflakes* 25%, demeter spelt porridge* 20 %, thiamin (required by law)

    Junior Muesli with Fruits - demeter rolled oats** 30 %, demeter cornflakes** 25 %, demeter spelt porridge** 20 %, demeter spelt flakes** 15 %, 3-fruit flakes* (wheat flour*, date juice concentrate*, apple juice concentrate*, banana purée*) 10 % , thiamin (required by law)

    Crunchy's - Millet* (100%).*from organic farmingCountries of origin of the main ingredients:Hungary

    Fruit bars - Apple juice concentrate* 44 %, bananas dried* 31%, oat flakes* 11%, rice flour*, spelt wheat wafer* 6% (spelt wheat flour*, potato starch*), sunfloweroil*. *from organic agriculture.Countries of origin of the main ingredients:Italy / Germany / TurkeyProduction:Only carefully selected organic ingredients are used to make Holle Organic Fruit Bar Apple & Banana.

    Biscuits - Spelt flour* (34%), rolled oats* (33%), pear juice concentrate* (16%), sunflower oil*, apple juice concentrate* (6 %), carrot juice concentrate*, vitamin B₁ (Thiamine).