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RISE AND FLY with nutrient dense food with no refined sugar or sugar science to help support your gut health.


  • Honey: lightly sweetened with organic honey and a touch of organic coconut sugar for a slightly sweet crunch.
  • Strawberry: the pure taste of organic strawberry with NO artificial or natural flavor tricks!


Lovebird cereals are made with the best, whole food ingredients ALL listed directly on the front of the box.

  • Organic Raw Honey, nature's original superfood. I do not use lab-engineered, gut-disrupting “natural” flavors or “natural” high potency sweeteners that drive cravings and trick your body.
  • Organic Cassava Root to help boost gut health. My Cassava is Regenerative Organic Certified from small family farms, a good source of prebiotic fiber, and high in resistant starch to help control blood sugar.

Lovebird Strawberry Cereal

  • ALWAYS: organic, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gmo, NO refined sugars, and NO high potency sweeteners such as stevia, monkfruit, or "natural" flavors.

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