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Schizandra has long been revered in Traditional Asian Medicine as Wu Wei Zi or the five-taste berry. This adaptogen has been prized as a rejuvenating longevity tonic for centuries. Organic Traditions Schizandra berries are harvested at the peak of vibrancy and immediately processed to create a deep red powder. This 6:1 whole berry, full spectrum concentrate is made from a proprietary low temperature drying process to ensure optimal nutrient, enzyme and antioxidant integrity not to mention an incredible, intense berry taste. Between six and seven pounds of Certified Organic Schizandra berries are used to make one pound of powder. Organic Traditions full spectrum Schizandra berry powder is Certified Organic, US grown Schizandra chinensis of the Northern variety. Grown on mineral rich, nutrient dense soil, these are the cleanest, most vibrant Schizandra berries bursting with beneficial bioactive nutrients. There are no fillers, flavours, maltodextrin, binders, flowing agents or sweeteners added, just pure concentrated Schizandra with the richest, freshest taste.


1.5 oz 

Organic Traditions Full Spectrum Schizandra

SKU: 0232
    • American grown and certified organic
    • The most concentrated whole schizandra
    • Vibrant, deep red colored powder
    • 6lbs of fresh Organic Schizandra berries are used to make one pound of powder
    • Easily incorporated into any recipe
    • Enjoy as is or add ½-1 tsp to water, juice or a smoothie

    Overview of Key Benefits

    Balances Meridians in TCM Schizandra nourishes all five elemental energies of the body (Wood).

    Zoological Info

    Country of Origin: USA
    Ingredients: Certified Organic Full Spectrum Schizandra Berry Powder
    Botanical Name: Schizandra chinensis
    Form: Powder.

    Allergen Information

    Produced in a facility that packages tree nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts and Cashews). The facility is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and peanut free.

    Storage Information

    Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dry, dark place.

    Suggested Use

    • Add ¼ tsp -½ tsp to coffee or matcha lattes for an adaptogenic beverage, juices and even water.
    • Add to overnight oats and yogurt.
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