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Ovry® Ovulation Test Strips are great if you want to: conceive, avoid pregnancy, improve cycle monitoring and predictions, and/or become more in tune with your fertility and hormones. Ovry® tests are compatible with all test-interpretation and cycle tracking apps, including the Premom App.


10 tests

Ovry Ovulation Test Strips

  •  Rapid results

    ✓ Quality you can trust

    ✓ Test strips are small & discreet

    ✓ Convenient & affordable - test anytime, anywhere, as often as you want!

    ✓ Environmentally friendly alternative - no more large single-use plastic applicators/handles

    ✓ Order from the comfort of your home and have us deliver the tests to your door

    ✓ Long lasting - all tests have a 24-month shelf life from the time of manufacturing. Each box and test pouch are stamped with their expiry date.

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