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The Gut Lab makes boosters that are designed to support and nourish our bodies with organic ingredients known to promote wellness within! 


Nourish + nurture that beautiful glow we’re all seeking, from the inside out.


The vibrant colours of turmeric, sea buckthorn berry, + spirulina, combine with the alive + health-full flavour palette of maca, tremella mushroom, + baobab to bring out the reflection, brightness, + mirror, of your inner glow.

glow, baby, glow!


lab notes | a dynamic blend with your smoothies, shakes, warm teas with honey, + breakfast parfaits top of mind. we love to cozy up with a good book + sip glow potion sprinkled in a herbal tea or milky base with honey

The Gut Lab Glow

  • Glow can be added to coffee, tea, soups and smoothies for an added body boost and flavoring!

  • maca root, baobab, tremella mushroom extract, turmeric root, sea buckthorn berry, spirulina, black pepper)*, love. *organic powder

    • nt. wt. 40g [1.4oz]

    • tremella: 100% fruiting body, sustainably grown on natural substrates

    • cautions + warnings | if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a health care practitioner prior to use. products are made in a facility that also handles wheat, grains, peanuts + tree nuts

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