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The Gut Lab makes boosters that are designed to support and nourish our bodies with organic ingredients known to promote wellness within! 


Pairs well with bedroom eyes + a classic Barry White record. bring the love, + spice it up. need we say more?


earthy, velvety raw cacao, grounding maca, warming ginger + true cinnamon + potent schisandra berry + ashwagandha make this an elixir blend worthy of sipping drizzled with creamy honey + lights turned down low- either alone, or with a little company.


lab notes | sprinkle generously into your morning coffee, smoothie, raw desserts, home made granola, or in to your cosmic cacao- fuelling all of your sinfully delicious recipes + adventures.

The Gut Lab Lust

  • Lust can be added to coffee, tea, drinks, soups and smoothies for an added body boost and flavoring!

  • Raw cacao, maca root, true cinnamon, ashwagandha root, schisandra berry, damiana leaf *, love. *organic powder

    • nt. wt. 40g [1.4oz]

    • caution + warnings | not for use while pregnant, if breastfeeding consult with a practitioner prior to use. made in a facility that may also handle eggs, wheat, tree nuts, + peanuts

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