This unique box is curated for the mom who needs a little "me time"


The star here is the Stonedware porcelain, handcrafted Geopipe designed to make all your pipe dreams come true!  


Cannabolish soy & beeswax candle is a deodorizing candle to abolish all unwanted smells which linger in the air.


The Gut Lab Green 6 is ideal to add to smoothies with superfood green ingredients such as moringa, spirulina and chlorella to keep us in tip top health!


Vivani Organic European Chocolate for the soul - include 2 of your choice!


MYLK Hydration Drops, these bath soaks are seeping with organic hydrating oils, so much so there is no need to apply lotion out of the tub!  True, organic luxury!

The Me Time Box

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