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68 % Santo Domingo Cocoa | with peppermint oil

The finest dark chocolate with a creamy peppermint filling. Cool, superior and refreshing. A true classic. 68 % cocoa from the Dominican Republic.

100 g

Vivani Fine Dark Peppermint

SKU: 0245
  • raw cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, glucose syrup*, cocoa powder*, butterfat (milk*), cocoa butter*,
    peppermint oil*

    Cocoa solids: 68 % minimum
    May contain components of tree nutsgluten and milk.
    *from organic agriculture

  • All Vivani chocolates come wrapped in compostable packaging - ensuring that when we are done satisfying our cravings we give back to the earth to say thank you for all that mouth watering delight!

    The film that Vivani uses to wrap their chocolate is not made of plastic. It is actually a natural NatureFlex™ film, made from renewable materials. As it is produced using sustainably sourced wood fibre as a base, it can be simply added to your garden compost heap and, if conditions are right, will decompose within 40 to 50 days.

    With the campaign “KIDS for KIDS”, Vivani has set out to protect disadvantaged children in the Central American island of Haiti. Vivani aims to protect them from exploitation by certain projects, child trafficking and child labor,  helping provide opportunities for education and social integration.

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