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European/New Zealand
Baby Formula


The highest quality Organic European & New Zealand Baby formulas on the market for baby
health & wellness!

HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert, Loulouka, Nanny Care, Little Oak

No Sugar.   Non - GMO.   No Hormones.
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Cow & Goat formulas

Loulouka is a Swiss made formula with all essential ingredients and organic cows’ milk sourced in Switzerland, designed for your baby’s needs. 



Cow & Goat formulas

Holle is one of the leading European baby food suppliers, having been in business for 85 years, they have a stellar reputation for producing the highest quality in baby foods and formulas.  They are certified by Demeter which means that their ingredients have been grown to strict biodynamic standards - in harmony with nature!



Cow formula

All baby formulas and foods are produced whenever possible * according to the guidelines of the Bioland Association in Germany. All other livable organic products are certified organic and meet the strict requirements of organic farming.

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Cow formula

One of Europes most well known baby food producers - HiPP is a name most know and respect due to their dedication to organic farming for more than 60 years. Parents know they can rely on HiPP for a product range that is developed to the best principles of nutrition science


Nanny Care

Goat formula

New Zealand is known for producing the highest quality milk in the world.  Nanny Care chooses the finest, pure whole goat milk as the protein base for their formulas, retaining as far as possible the milk’s natural goodness. They add vital ingredients to meet regulatory levels, avoiding unnecessary additions. With a heritage of 27 years, their caring philosophy is fundamental to their business as pioneers in their journey to have goat milk recognised for use in baby formula in the UK, as it is in more than 30 countries worldwide.


Little Oak

Goat formula

Little Oak is a New Zealand based brand which understands the benefits of whole goat milk and uses it to make our range of infant formulas and toddler milks. Little Oak takes great care in considering every ingredient in their formulas, based on what’s best for baby and also the environment. It’s for this reason the have removed palm oil and canola oil and replaced it with flaxseed oil. 

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