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This is how our journey began as an organic based family wellness business.

 It was a magical time when our son was born but also an extremely exhausting, overwhelming and stressful time - especially for two thirty something year old "kids" who had no clue what was involved with welcoming a new babe into their lives.

We've always led a predominantly organic based, healthy lifestyle.  We exercise regularly, eat right, love to entertain, try to meditate (it's just so darn difficult) so when our son was born we had to take a minute to recalibrate and understand that it's not just us anymore -

it's actually more about him now and nutrition is a HUGE part of raising little ones!

So we stepped our research game up - primarily involving ingredients in all products.

We needed to be balanced but we also needed to live the way we wanted him to live, how we try to live - clean!

Our hypersensitivity regarding ingredients in foods and products was quickly heightened when we decided to introduce a baby formula.  We picked up a bottle of North American grocery store formula and our minds were blown!  Primary ingredients were

 SUCROSE (table sugar), CORN SYRUP (GMO fake maple syrup), SOY OIL (studies prove toxicity)! 

All ingredients we don't consume! 

Why are these GMO ingredients placed in infant formulas for babies to consume as a main source of nutrients?! 

  After the WTF moment wore off we decided that there must be something better and discovered there is -

organic European baby formula!  

We were already aware that the standards and regulations in Europe are much higher than those in North America (hubby born and raised in the UK) so we started to do some digging.  We sourced the best organic European baby formulas on the market and imported a box -

Once I figured out how to properly make a bottle - we gave it to our son and he devoured it!

Loved every gulp and guess what - no gas, no fussiness, no indigestion!  Just a super happy and comfortable babe!

 So from this "aha" moment on, we decided to dedicate ourselves to helping guide families into a healthier way of  feeding their babes and educate them on the importance of ingredients. 

Since 2016 I have been coaching & consulting new moms on organic European baby formulas - I've seen hundreds of babes with digestive issues, eczema, acid reflux, allergies & sensitivities and as soon as parents switch to European baby formula these issues almost always dissipate or the formula is more easily digested! 

 I'm proud to say I have achieved a 97% success rate with finding a formula that fits perfectly with each individual babe! 

And now we are ready to expand and grow from where we started with organic European baby formulas - extend our reach to 

Everything Organic Baby!

Which includes our favourite organic baby food and supplements as well as wellness products for the whole family!

At the end of the day, I'm just a real mom who understands how overwhelming parenthood can be. 

I'm aware how easily we can be misled, by companies, when it comes to "organic" or "naturally" labeled products. 

I'm also privy to the dangers some ingredients hold, which are deemed "safe" to be used/consumed,

when in actuality, studies are showing how toxic and harmful they can be to our health.

I also see how our standards and regulations don't even come close to comparing to Europes. 

We've spent years researching and determining which products are the cleanest, most effective and authentically top rated on the market (sorry bloggers & influencers, your opinions tend to be biased)

Every product we sell - we have, do and will continue to use & give to our son; now we are ready to share them with you!

From one picky mom to another!

We all deserve a clean start in life.


Founder of The YumiMumi Inc.

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