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New to European baby formula?

Overwhelmed with where to start?

Trouble understanding differences in brands?

Unsure which formula would be the best choice for your babe?

Heard of HiPP & Holle and want to learn more?

Let us help!

Our Canadian Apothecary provides the best and highest quality in baby foods but we also help you with finding which European baby formulas would best suit your baby!  Choosing a baby formula can be overwhelming – so many versions & brands with different ingredients.  By booking a formula consultation with us we can help determine which baby formula your little love would likely be most successful with from the start to benefit their growth, health & wellness... helping to eliminate the painful trial and error process!

We can also help guide your transition off of formula onto toddler milks etc. Many parents find this helpful because they do want the best possible milk for their little ones but are unsure of the options available in Canada.  Nutrition from solids is a key factor at 1 year so we want to still make sure your little one is getting all they need, if not then naturally clean toddler milk's are often a great option!


You can check out all the European formulas we recommend at:

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