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Our Commitment
Making this world a
better place

Shockingly, toxic ingredients can be found in most products on the market - from foods to skincare to oral hygiene. Most of us have been led to believe that if a product is on store shelves - it's safe.  This is actually far from the truth.  Now more than ever big brand names are being exposed for high levels of toxicity in their ingredient lists.

At The YumiMumi our commitment to your families well-being goes far beyond popular/trendy brands, it's about offering clean, trust worthy products that hold high standards in the holistic world.


The YumiMumi believes in companies which treat the production of their products with clean intention. Before any of the products we carry makes it onto our shelves, it undergoes a review process - vetting ingredients, production and company practices in order to ensure they meet our high standards.

Our commitments to you is that we only carry products with the most trustworthy goods, allowing you to shop with ease, knowing we've already done the research for you!

Our products are specifically choosen based solely on our extensive research as combined with the most recent studies and scientific information available. We believe that the products we carry are of the highest quality and include the cleanest ingredients available - but also the most nutrient dense, effective, protective and absorbable.


The YumiMumi has one core focus: we want to help families live cleaner lives, empower & educate parents on the importance of ingredients and provide access to high quality baby & family wellness products.


We value our integrity and will not compromise that for anything!

Animals are unfortunately used to test chemical ingredients around the world. Many companies are starting to take a "cruelty-free" approach but unfortunately many are still living in the dark ages.

We believe, deeply, in European skincare because they have banned 1348 chemical ingredients but also because animal testing has been banned throughout 28 countries of the European Union since 2009.  Many other countries such as India, Israel, Brazil and New Zealand have followed.

We want to educate consumers on the importance of cruelty free products and we champion companies who embrace clean, chemical free, organic ingredients.

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs more than we think - keeping our products clean makes a big difference.  Clean ingredients don't require animal testing, human testing will suffice.



Harmful preservatives linked to hormone disruption



Chemicals often found in fragrances, associated with health concers




Harsh detergents which can irritate skin


Synthetic scents that often contain undisclosed harmful chemicals. Endocrine disrupter


A carcinogen often used as a preservative


Dyes that can cause skin irritation


An umbrella term which can hold a slew of different toxins they don't need to name.


Where do I even begin! TOXIC.

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