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In my first book I dive deep into the new world, it's the world we shifted into in the year 2020.  It's a world that for centuries has rotated around corruption, greed, manipulation and control but these things have never been this dangerous and destructive before.  We are in a critical time in the world and I expose it all.


From the begining to the end, you will tune your mind and consciousness to levels of reality you likely haven’t been able to experience before and allow yourself to access information which may have never been known to you otherwise.  This book is merely your first leap into discovering the deeper truth in everything from the medical system, big corporations, toxins & true authentic natural living outside of the system.


Now in order for you to ascend I have to provide you with the cold, hard, terrifying truths throughout the entire 324 pages. Much of what you’ve come to know about the world has been a lie and the majority of us have been fooled for greed.


But currently there is a great awakening happening throughout the world.  People are waking up and beginning to understand more about what's really going on around us as well as what's really happening to us.  After being censored for 4 years on Instagram I felt it was the right time to write this book because I truly believe that mothers will be the ones who change this world for the better and we will do it for our childrens sakes.  There is nothing more fierce than a mother, we will move mountains for our children and collectively I feel it's time we come together and ascend out of the darkness they have cast upon us and radiate in the light.


The title sums up the journey this book provides.  It gives you the information you need to comprehend our very toxic world and shows you how you can stop being controlled and poisoned.  It shows you that we have choices and it provides you with the information you need to take back your power and control.  In order to ascend you must be aware so a lot of the information I include in this book may be hard to read and accept, for this reason I ask you not to read the book until you are in a good head space.  If you are fragile at this time, pregnant or postpartum then I ask you to wait until you're stronger and able to digest and accept the information without fear, guilt and panic.


In the book you will find:


  • Lists of toxins we are regularly exposed to in our foods and products
  • Book recommendations which include my favorites
  • The truth regarding pregnancy and birth – how you can learn from my mistakes
  • The truth about the cancer business, how to prevent it and heal from it
  • The truth about vaccines and how to detox from them
  • Raw milk and why you want it
  • My farm contacts
  • Big Corporation, Big Food, Big Pharma, Media and GOV corruption
  • THE ROOT- what the last 4 years has really been about
  • How to cope with trauma, stress and anxiety and not rely on SSRI's
  • Parenting in the new world, how to protect our kids
  • Detox methods & recommendations
  • Recipes
  • The YM food pyramid, top superfoods for pregnancy and children, eating for your blood type
  • Toxic world of dentistry


Knowledge is power.  Ignorance is not bliss.  If you're ready for the truth it's all right here for you mumma.  Uncensored, raw and real.


The Ascension of a Holistic Mum

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