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Auralis chaga is wild-harvested in the forests north of Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario.
The highest quality chaga grows on birch trees and takes up to 40 years to mature. To achieve the best flavour, it is harvested during winter, ideally at temperatures of below -10º.

They are extremely cautious when harvesting, GPS tracking trees for ongoing monitoring of growth and leaving a minimum of 20% of chaga behind for regeneration.


Once harvested, the chaga is dried and ground to a fine powder, then shipped from the forest to their brewery in Ottawa where the extraction process happens.


The extract is then blended with pure distillates of spruce tips and blueberries, micro-filtered, carbonated and canned.


No added sugar,  sweeteners, or alcohol.


4 cans of 355ml tonics

Auralis Botanical Tonic - Chaga with Spruce & Blueberries

  • Water, Organic Chaga, Blueberry Distillate, Sprice Tip Distillate, Tannins from Grape Seeds, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc

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