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The small bottle of our balmyou Arabica coffee oil is full of power - the pure power of caffeine. This coffee oil is of course of pure plant origin, is not tested on animals and is therefore 100% vegan. It is processed exclusively from roasted Arabica beans from Uganda, cold pressed and comes completely without artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives, so it is a pure natural product of the best quality.


The coffee oil counteracts sagging skin and soothes dark circles and crow's feet. Thanks to its valuable ingredients, it has regenerating, moisturizing and firming as well as anti-inflammatory properties.


Linoleic acid builds up the top layer of skin and provides it with moisture while supporting the natural skin barrier. Oleic acid acts as a penetration enhancer and ensures that the moisture can penetrate even deeper and more effectively into the skin.


Palmitic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin but decreases in concentration over the years, forms a protective film on the skin and has a moisturizing effect, while stearic and arachidic acids ensure a pleasant and even application.


The phytosterols contained in coffee oil have an anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving effect, as well as additionally moisturizing and promoting the regeneration of UV-damaged skin. Moreover, they provide a very non-irritant care which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, there is the anti-inflammatory effect of the so-called diterpenes cafestol and kahweol, as well as the tightening and decongestant properties of caffeine.


Pure coffee oil, unlike beverages containing coffee, is not suitable for consumption, as it has a toxic effect when excessively distorted in this way.

BALM YOU Pure Arabica Organic Coffee Oil

    • Only one ingredient from sustainable cultivation
    • The pure power of caffeine
    • Regenerating, firming and anti-inflammatory properties
    • 100% unrefined, cold-pressed, vegan and animal-free
    • sustainable packaging
    • Wonderful aroma of Arabica coffee
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