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Are you struggling to detox naturally? Castor oil can help! Earthley infused castor oil can help detox your liver, relieve the pain of cysts, reduce joint pain, promote lymphatic health, and more.


Castor oil is an age-old remedy to get things flowing properly. It absorbs into the skin to break up old tissue and get fluids moving again. Castor oil, applied externally, is one of the safest and most beneficial detox supports there is.  Earthley infused their organic castor oil with herbs that also help to relieve pain and promote wellness for extra benefits. This way, it can help with sluggish livers and kidneys, inflammation, joint pain, and occasional constipation.


Castor detoxing is easy!  Simply soak a cloth in castor oil, place it over the body part that needs help, cover with plastic wrap to protect from mess, and lay a heating pad on top – we have flax heating pads available as well!


Add a 100% organic cloth to use for your detox!


The Flax Heating Pads and slipcovers are NEW, organic, and hand-made by a work-at-home mama.


Earthley Castor Oil Pack Bundle

  • Included in this bundle is:

    • Earthley Warm Castor Oil
    • Flaxseed heat pack
    • Floral heat pack cover
    • Organic Castor Oil
    • Organic Cinnamon
    • Organic Ginger Root
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