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Immune Biotic is the perfect go-to herbal remedy for when you are feeling under the weather and need something fast. This tincture uses the natural power of immune-supporting herbs to give your body a jump start to fight off a cold. Take for three to seven days and kick sickness to the curb.


2 oz Tincture

Earthley Immune Biotic

  • Immune-Biotic is the natural way to support your immune system so you can recover from a cold right away. Each herb in this tincture was chosen specifically to help your immune system work most efficiently and get over illnesses quickly.

    Every herb we use has antiviral or antibacterial properties to help your body naturally fight off whatever is ailing you. This strong yet gentle remedy should be taken for short spans of time, typically three to seven days.

    For daily support, try our Nourish line of multivitamins or our Elderberry Elixir. Keep it on hand for whenever illness strikes! For an alcohol-free alternative that kids will love, try Feel Better Fast!


    • Immune modulator
    • Supports immune system 
    • Helps with occasional coughs
    • Helps with cold and flu symptoms 
    • Helps with balancing blood sugar levels  
    • Anti-bacterial properties
    • Anti-viral properties 
    • Rich in antioxidants 
    • Rich in anthocyanins 
    • Rich in vitamin C
    • 5 herbs
    • Liquid benefits (vitamins and minerals are easier to digest and provide more benefits than tablets, where binders and fillers must first be broken down)
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