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Our cold-pressed Organic Apricot Kernel Oil is naturally rich in oleic acid (omega-9), a healthy monounsaturated fatty acid which may reduce inflammation.† It also contains linoleic acid (omega-6) which supports heart health.


What’s more, it’s an excellent source of polyphenols and vitamin E, making it a great option for looking after your skin health and general wellbeing.


Add a light and fruity twist to sweet and savory dishes with our apricot oil, or take it neat for a daily health boost.


3.4 oz

Erbology Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

  • Great for: Gut health and glowing skin†

    Nutrient profile: Full of monounsaturated fatty acids and free-radical-fighting phytonutrients†

    Flavor: Gently sweet, fruity and botanical

    Why Erbology? Cold-pressed in small batches from 100% organic apricot kernels sustainably sourced in Italy

    Top tip: Take one tsp neat, add to yoghurt or apply a small amount to the skin at night to amp up your glow

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