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If you love bright, citrus flavors, you will love the refreshing taste of bergamot. Combining the best flavor qualities of orange, lemon and grapefruit, our bergamot juice is a grown-up drink perfect for any time of day.


Our juice contains naturally occurring essential oil, which is so prized for its rejuvenating fragrance that it is a frequent choice in perfumes around the world.

Bergamot juice contains polyphenols and vitamin C, which are powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage and help your body make collagen.


Recent studies have suggested that bergamot may have health benefits for the cardiovascular system.


Add a few tablespoons to still or sparkling water for a refreshing aperitif.



Erbology Organic Bergamot Juice

  • Great for: Cardiovascular health, immunity and healthy looking skin†

    Nutrient profile: Rich in powerful polyphenols, thought to improve cholesterol levels, and vitamin C that supports collagen production†

    Flavor: Tangy citrus taste, similar to bitter orange or lemon

    Why Erbology? We source our bergamot directly from small farmers in Calabria, Italy, where the fruit has been part of the local tradition for generations. Made in small batches, our juice is unsweetened and undiluted so you get the most of its health benefits

    Top tip: Take 2-4 tbsp neat or add a splash to sparkling water or smoothies

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