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Add a fabulous fruity twist to smoothies, breakfast bowls and snack bars with our Organic Aronia Berry Powder. It is made purely of 100% dried crushed aronia berries, sustainably grown by small farmers in Eastern Europe.


Pigments called anthocyanins give our powder its bright pink color and help fight free radicals, reducing oxidative damage in the body.† They may also help with your cardiovascular health.


Aronia berries are also good sources of iron and antioxidant vitamin C. When eaten together, vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron more effectively.


4.4 oz

Erbology Organic Raw Aronia Berry Powder

  • Great for: Fighting oxidative stress, supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and gut health†

    Nutrient profile: Full of antioxidant anthocyanins, fiber and minerals†

    Flavor: Mildly tangy berry flavor with a burst of sweetness

    Why Erbology? Our whole aronia berry powder is made in small batches and sourced directly from small organic farmers in Eastern Europe

    Top tip: Stir 2 tsp into soup and smoothie or mix into baked goods like cookies and cakes

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