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If your mornings are in need of an energizing boost, swap your coffee for a bright, sharp shot of our sea buckthorn juice.


Sea buckthorn, sometimes known as hippophae or seaberry, is a bright yellow-orange berry which grows in coastal regions. Packed with antioxidant vitamin C, it helps boost immunity.† Omega-7 fatty acids support cardiovascular health, while beta-carotene helps to look after your eyes.


It has an almost tropical, tart flavor that pairs brilliantly with orange or carrot juice. It’s great in water or a smoothie, too. When we’re in need of a serious pick-me-up, we love to drink it straight.


250 ml

Erbology Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice

  • Great for: Taking care of your immunity, heart, eyes and mucous membranes†

    Nutrient profile: Rich in vitamin C, rare omega-7 fatty acids, beta-carotene and an array of other phytonutrients†

    Flavor: Sharp and refreshing, with notes of tropical pineapple and gooseberry

    Why Erbology? Sustainably sourced directly from farmers in Eastern Europe and made in small batches, our organic juice is undiluted and unsweetened, bringing you potent health benefits of the berry

    Top tip: Take 2-4 tbsp neat or add to orange juice and smoothies

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