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Feeling sluggish in the morning? Our Organic Sea Buckthorn Shot might just be the answer. With its tart, citrus taste and high concentration of vitamins, it’ll wake you up in no time.


Sea buckthorn is a berry which grows in coastal regions, and it is chock full of health-boosting nutrients. Antioxidant vitamin C supports your immune system, while omega-7 fatty acids help with cardiovascular health.† Beta-carotene, the pigment that gives our Sea Buckthorn Juice its intense orange color, also helps look after your eye health.


Drink it in one to kick-start your body and mind, or add to a citrus-based juice or smoothie for a zingy vitamin boost.


60ml x 3

Erbology Organic Sea Buckthorn Shot

  • Great for: Hitting your vitamin C targets and caring for your eyes, mucous membranes and immunity naturally

    Nutrient profile: More than your daily requirement of vitamin C in one shot, along with rare plant-based omega-7 and over 1/3 RDA vitamin A

    Flavor: Sharp, refreshing citrus taste, similar to sour orange with tropical hints of pineapple

    Why Erbology? Sustainably sourced directly from farmers in Eastern Europe and made in small batches, our organic juice is undiluted and unsweetened, bringing you potent health benefits of the berry

    Top tip: Drink it in one to energize in the morning, or add to orange juice or smoothies

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