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Our crunchy, earthy sunchoke powder is a tasty way to add prebiotic fiber to your diet.

Also known as Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke is naturally rich in inulin, a non-digestible type of fiber which the good bacteria in your gut are able to break down and consume. That makes it a fabulous prebiotic that helps with digestion and immunity.


Our Sunchoke Powder also naturally contains iron and thiamine (vitamin B1), essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system and muscles.



Erbology Organic Inulin Prebiotic Powder

  • Great for: Supporting gut health and promoting a diverse microbiome

    Nutrient profile: Over half of prebiotic inulin fiber per serving, naturally

    Rich in iron and B vitamins

    Flavor: Earthy and slightly sweet

    Why Erbology? Our small-batch powder is high in inulin without losing any of the complementary minerals and vitamins, which are discarded in processed inulin powders

    We source our Jerusalem artichoke from small organic farmers in Eastern Europe

    Top tip: Stir 1-3 tsp into yoghurt or soup or mix into baked goods like cookies and cakes

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