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Essiac can be used to help support the immune system, clean and detoxify the blood and vital organs, help prevent the onset of everything from colds to more serious health concerns.

Essiac has been used for years for the supporting healthy cell growth. Consisting of four herbs including Burdock Root (traditionally known for its blood cleansing abilities and nutritive supply), Sheep Sorrel (nourishes the glandular system, rich in nutrients), Slippery Elm (helps inflammation, soothes organs and provides essential vitamins), Indian Rhubarb (rich in iron, gentle laxative, cleanses toxins).


This is a highly respected herbal formula that has been used by holistic health gurus for decades to help with cancer.


  • Burdock root

    Sheep sorrel leaves
    Slippery elm bark
    Indian rhubarb root

    Contains 30 servings per 300ml bottle
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