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If you are looking for a mushroom that combines medicinal and culinary properties, Lions Mane Mushrooms are the right choice. Lions mane mushrooms reportedly have properties that help prevent dementia, relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, allow rapid recovery from injuries to the nervous system, heal ulcers in the digestive tract, and help reduce heart disease by regulating blood flow. 


This kit is super easy to grow, just cut and "X" in the wrapping and spray with water 4-5 times a day, you'll see your mushrooms start to grow in about a week!

Funky Funghi Lions Mane

  • Storage:

    • Refrigerate in a paper bag or mesh cardboard box
    • Use within 5-6 days of purchasing

    Cooking and Handling:

    • No need to wash them
    • Hand tear into bite size pieces
    • Cook thoroughly to develop its flavour
    • Best dry sautéed to evaporate the water content then add desired fat to help brown
    • Pairs well with garlic, shallots, onion, parsley, horseradish
    • Serve with bread and crackers
    • Use as a lobster or crab replacement
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