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Halo Binder Tincture is specifically formulated to bind to all different types of toxins.  It's especially recommended to take while doing a parasite cleanse because it can help reduce the sometimes uncomfortable effects of the die-off symptoms that can occur during the cleansing process. The Binder Tincture is a unique blend of minerals that are highly effective in binding to the toxins which are released by the parasites during the die -off phase,  seeing as parasites often release these toxins (like heavy metals etc.) when the die off, we want to make sure we expel them as well, otherwise they will remain in our system and can make us unwell.  The Binder helps to flush a wide variety of toxins effectively, making your cleansing experience gentle and comfortable.


Can also be taken if you have ingested mold, bacteria or have be struck with food poisoning.


The powerhouse toxin removing herbs in this tincture include:

  • Guggul which is prized in Ayurveda for its deeply penetrating action and unique ability to scrape away naturally accumulating toxins from the body channels.
  • Activated charcoal is often used to treat acute poisoning and removing toxins but it also helps to support the kidneys
  • Shilajit is hightly respected in ayurvedic medicine because of it's long history of human use in regards to nervous, diabetic, urinary, immune, cardiac, and digestive disorders. It's anti-inflammatory and contains high levels of fulvic acid as well as over 84 minerals


2oz Tincture


Halo Binder Tincture


  • Take one dropper up to 3 times per day.

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