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Feeling queasy? This tincture supports healthy liver function, banishes bloating and nausea, and promotes gut health. While it was formulated for expecting mamas, it’s perfect for anyone with general stomach upset, too!

Mama's Tummy Relief

  • Morning sickness and the other sensitivities that come along with pregnancy are not fun. It’s so hard to find a natural way to get relief! Luckily, we created this tincture. This blend of organic herbs helps to soothe stomach upset, get rid of gas, support the liver, and reduce occasional constipation. It was made special for moms-to-be, but can work for anyone with mild stomach issues. Morning sickness, indigestion, nausea, and heartburn are no match for Mama’s Tummy Relief!

    All About The Herbs:

    Fennel Seed was added to soothe stomach upset.

    Catnip Leaf is used as a very mild sedative and to help ease gastrointestinal distress.

    Ginger Root is included because it promotes gastrointestinal health and is beneficial for gut health.

    Blackberry Leaf was chosen because it can lower the risk of the growth of harmful gut bacteria.

    Dandelion Root was picked to support liver health.

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