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Yummy coconut flavoured biscuits from European Organic, Demeter certified, biodynamic farming!  Organic family wellness snacks the whole family can enjoy!


Spelt flour and finely whipped butter combined with the natural sweetness of agave & refined with exotic coconut provide your little one's with a convenient and healthy snack that tastes like a little piece of island paradise!


  • with organic coconut
  • with organic spelt flour
  • sweetened with organic agave
  • only 8 ingredients


Mogli Organic Coconut Biscuits

  • Demeter spelt flour* Germany

    Demeter Wheat flour* Germany

    Demeter Agave syrup* Mexico

    Demeter milk/butter* Netherlands

    Organic Agave powder* Mexico

    Organic Desiccated coconut* Philippnes, Sri Lanka

    Organic Banana powder* Ecuador

    Baking agent: sodium bicarbonate* Poland

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