Gold is the age old secret legend of skincare. It's been stated that gold was actually Cleopatra's personal beloved beauty product , she covered her face in pure gold each night to stay youthful.  MYLK uses gold, carefully extracted in ascorbic acid (vitamin c) as our elite ingredient due to it's phenomonal anti aging and anti inflammatory properties.


Colloidal gold has also been found to work as effective barriers against potential environmental damages.  MYLK 24k gold products have been known to show immediate visible effects, even after only a few uses.  They've also been known to provide a very distinct glow on skin following application and the formulation can also calm and reduce redness as well as skin irritations.


Electrum is carefully formulated with hyaluronic acid to create the ultimate serum which is ideal to include in your facial skin care routine as well as prior to makeup application, leading to the appearance of radiant, flawless, plump looking skin.


Reduce fine lines and enhance collagen production, elasticity & resilience with the transformative effects of Hyaluronic Acid combined with 24k Gold + Silver + Vitamin C.


The gold standard in youth enhancing serum.

MYLK Electrum Eternal Glow, 24k Gold + Hyaluronic Acid