All the seasons in one carefully curated package! Here you will find all the favorites for fall, winter, spring and summer!  With the purchagse of this package, you will receive a seed package with a different seed selection selected for that season.


Plus you will also receive an original recipe booklet that includes 3 food and 3 drink recipes per season!  Oh happy day!!!


Super convenient – with only one purchase of this package, you'll be all set for the year!


Non GMO always!!

Seasonal Seeds Yearly Package

  • Each seasonal package comes with:
    - 4 seasonal seed varieties for a total of 16 seed pods, four times per year. 16 seed pods and 4 each of swiss chard, rosemary, kale and thyme 
    - Nutrients for growth
    - Seasonal Recipe Booklet (sent via email)


  • Seasonal packages ship out:
    - Summer: June 15 
    - Fall: October 15
    - Winter: December 15
    - Spring: March 15