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This Shungite has a deep silvery-black luster. Its appearance is similar to obsidian or coal.


The Shungite crystal comes from Russia and it's one of the world’s rarest stones, made of almost 99% carbon. The source of this stone’s power, though, is in its fullerenes which are spherical carbon molecules sometimes called buckyballs. Shungite entered the spotlight in 1996, when three professors won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the fullerenes inside it. Since then, scientists and spiritualists have harnessed the shungite healing crystal’s countless benefits. The fullerenes in shungite have actually been seen to absorb all five of the radiation nasties :

  • Alpha

  • Beta

  • Gamma

  • X-ray

  • Neutron radiation.

Shungite is known to absorb and neutralize EMF radiation frequencies. Since the early 18th century shungite has been used in medicine 

Shungite Bracelet

    • Bead type: Round 12mm
    • Size: One size fits all
    • Origin: Russia
    • Sold by: Single piece
    • Stone type: Shungite
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