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For that special lady that desires a little more ;)


Trophic Desire supplements for women is formulated using KSM-66®, an exclusive active ingredient extracted from the root of Ashwagandha, clinically studied and supports physical aspects of sexual health in women!


Lomar Farms Spellbound Massage Beeswax Candle - light it, melt it down and rub it onto to those muscles to provide them with some much needed 2020 relaxation!


The Gut Labs Her - shatavari root, rosehip, true cinnamon, nettle leaf, ginger root & love.  All herbs to support women's optimal health... from the inside out!


Vivani European Organic Chocolate Bars - your choice of 2!


MYLK Hydration Drops - so luxiourious and hydrating you won't need to apply a moisturizer after stepping out of the tub!


The Desire Box

SKU: 0330
  • See product listing for full ingredients list.

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