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The Little Yogis Storybook + 45 Yoga Card Deck helps instill mindfulness within our little ones through yoga and meditation!  This concept can be difficult for children to grasp but this set helps them to practice peaceful presence and state of mind... a skill which will only benefit them throughout life.

Studies have shown that children who develop mindfulness early are
more capable of managing their emotions, cultivating self-awareness, showing
empathy and kindness, and displaying a myriad of other positive values and
characteristics!  Regular practice can also help them effectively deal with the challenges life throws at them from childhood to adulthood. 


The beautifully laminated yoga cards illustrate children from various
geographical and cultural backgrounds performing different yoga poses. The
instructions are written in a fun and simple language which kids will easily


Created by a Toronto based Mindful Mama looking to share her love of the practice with all sweet little souls


The Little Yogis Storybook + 32 Yoga Card Deck

C$34.99 Regular Price
C$29.99Sale Price
  • The deck of 45 yoga cards can be played in a variety of different ways with children. You could do a pose and let your child guess its name. Or, you could do a child-friendly sequence together, demonstrating the value of looking inward, being present, and focusing
    on their thoughts and feelings!

    Have fun with it and create your own way of using the cards for mindfulness practice!

    • Exquisite card deck with a natural elements theme
    • 32-page hand-drawn yoga storybook
    • Beautiful storage box for cards
    • Excellent present for teachers, therapists, and yogi parents
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