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We spend countless hours on our devices - computer, phones & tablets.  The one thing some may not know is how the blue light in these screens can actually disrupt our circadian rhythm - our internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle... ultimately suppressing our bodies natural production of melatonin.


Wear Me Pro has developed blue light blocking glasses which are actually affordable and super stylish!  In the Wear Me Pro glasses the blue light blocking polymer is inserted directly into the lens. Not only on the top layer of film, like other brands! Their lenses also provide UVA + UVB 400 protection with only a very slight blue tint - barely recognizable to the naked eye!


We absolutely adore these glasses and recommend for all!

Wear Me Pro - Alex (Blk, Clear, Gold)

  • Think Clark Kent meets Super Girl... these glasses are sexy on both male and females!  Black and Clear frames allow for a soft yet strong serious look.  Gold arms are delicate and sleek.  

  • Frame: Injection Molded Polycarbonate - Grade AAA


    Lens width: 57mm

    Lens height: 45mm 

    Frame width:138mm

    Temple Size: 137mm

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