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Our complete 10 day cleanse bundled together in one convient kit!  This is a gentle, yet thorough cleanse to help detox your body of parasites, worms, candida & heavy metals.


This kit includes:


Food Over Drugs Parasite Formula - this is the 10 day herbal cleanse in which you will be accompanying a diet of fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds with, no meats, dairy, wheat, sugar, processed foods or alcohol for 10 days – the diet is a necessary component in this cleanse because we are clearing your body of toxins.  There are 60 capsules in the jar which will last the duration of 10 days –  2 capsules 3 times a day are to be consumed.


Earthley Activated Charcoal - this acts as a binder to attach to the parasites and allow for easy removal.  It's important to include in the 10 day cleanse because when the parasites die off they release toxins and the charcoal will help to absorb those toxins as well as assist in removal.


Chlorella - this also acts as a binder, however it's for heavy metals.  Parasites ingest heavy metals so when they die off we want to make sure those heavy metals aren't being left in our system but instead excreted along with the parasites.


This is the complete kit for the 10 day cleanse, you can also purchase each item separately in the Apothecary, just search in the toolbar for a quick find!


It's important that your drainage pathways are open prior to doing a parasite cleanse, so you must be having regular bowel movements and able to sweat... contact me if you feel your pathways aren't open.  To help open your pathways you can take NAC and the Food Over Drugs Colon Formula prior and during the cleanse to help your body get rid of waste.


YM Parasite Cleanse Kit

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