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Supplements that help protect against EMF's

We've now entered into an era where gaming, social media, education, work & even connecting with family & friends via the internet is life, therefore high speed internet is one of the most in demand "luxuries" in our society to date... but at what cost does it come at? In the last 2 years we've probably all noticed towers popping up everywhere - on top of town water towers, apartment buildings and even peoples properties. If you're curious, I'd urge you to take a look into cell tower rental offers, essentially the big cell providers pay good money to place a tower on roofs & land which ultimately has made this rental market just as hot (literally) as our housing rental market!

Now, the concerning factor here is that the number of scientific studies on the negative health effects caused by electromagnetic field exposure grows every year. Symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, depression, sleep issues, anxiety, weight gain, thyroid issues, blood pressure problems, heart rate issues, fertility issues, headaches, dizziness, nausea... all of which has been linked to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by our technological devices.

What these studies are showing are cellular level effects – which ultimately means consequences for the entire body and this is why I feel supplementing our diets to help us reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation is imperative.

By targeting our nutritional supplementation pathways we can help to reduce symptoms and build barriers to assist us in blocking & protecting our bodies from the invisible toxic frequencies.

So, below is a list of supplements we can include in our daily routines to help protect ourselves & our families.


This mineral tops our list because many would consider this to be the most important of all the supplements to protect against radiation damage (both ionizing, like X-rays, and non-ionizing, like EMFs). Iodine is an essential mineral which is found naturally in foods & in supplement form. Iodine is used by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones & it helps to regulate metabolism as well as repair damaged cells (making it an excellent choice for protection against EMF-induced harm). It also works to support the immune system by eliminating free radicals and boosting the healing influence of antioxidants on the body. Iodine may even help remove heavy metals from our systems, which some believe can act as a conductor for electromagnetic radiation.

Foods which contain an excellent source of iodine are seaweed, yogurt, and dried prunes. Taking vitamin C, selenium, magnesium and other co-factors in conjunction with a good quality iodine liquid supplement, should increase its effectiveness.


Bee propolis is a sticky, greenish-brown resin bees make to strengthen and seal their hives.

It has been respected & used for 1000's of years to treat infection and heal wounds, it's also a very potent antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and even antiviral.

Now, what's buzzing about propolis is it's ability to have a protective effect on oxidative stress. Emerging studies show how beneficial it can be in protecting rats livers when exposed to EMF. These studies have also shown reduced oxidative stress in rats' retinas which were triggered by long-term mobile phone radiation exposure. So don't just take this supplement when your throat is tingly, take it often to help build up the protection in your body!


Magnesium acts as a natural calcium channel blocker in the body therefore it would be one of the key supplements I would recommend for guarding against the effects of EMFs. Magnesium is also one of the supplements most people are deficient in – due to fast foods and foods lacking in nutrients we just aren't getting enough magnesium through foods so focus on increasing green vegetable intake and supplementation is important.

Foods high in magnesium are legumes, nuts, dark chocolate (over 70% minimum) and leafy green vegetables.

Magnesium is usually supplemented with in pill or liquid form but, it's said that through the epidermis is one of the best ways to absorb magnesium.


The master antioxidant – glutathione is a molecule found in all human tissue and it is an integral part of the body’s detoxification system. Glutathione helps to fight off infection as well as defends against disease and slows signs of ageing.

Recent studies of wireless radiation have revealed that glutathione’s powers can be significantly weakened by exposure to environmental toxins like EMFs.

One study regarding the effects of oxidative stress caused by EMFs on rats found that brain and liver glutathione activities decreased in the group exposed to electromagnetic radiation for 1 hour a day.

To keep our glutathione levels up and help protect our bodies from the effects of EMF, eat glutathione-boosting foods like onions, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage. Take a good quality glutathione supplement too and combine it with complimentary supplements that can help build glutathione, such as selenium.


Lipid peroxidation is when free radicals ‘steal’ electrons from the lipids in cell membranes and this is one of the most recognized adverse health effects of EMF exposure as well as cell damage in tissues. Research is suggesting that long-term exposure to low-frequency EMF increases lipid peroxidation in the brain, which may possibly be somewhat prevented by zinc supplementation.

Foods rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, turkey, lentils, cashews, seafood such as oysters, crab and (grass-fed) beef. There are many different types of zinc supplements available, bis-glycinate is known to be one of the most absorbable.

Vitamins C & E

When paired, vitamins C and E make quite the dynamic duo. Vitamin C regenerates vitamin E, whilst vitamin E scavenges free radicals – which increases the antioxidant effect and further helps to repair damaged cell membranes. Vitamin E also works to stabilize vitamin C and stops it from degrading too quickly. In a research paper published in Toxicology and Industrial Health, rats were exposed to 900 MHz electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone to examine the effects on their cellular systems. One group of rats in the experiment, however, were exposed to the same radiation – but treated with vitamins C and E.

For the rats who were given vitamins C and E – both of which possess powerful antioxidant properties - the negative effects and oxidative stress caused by the mobile phone radiation were actually mitigated and decreased. Whilst dealing with rodents rather than humans, this study shows the potential promise of vitamins C and E as a treatment for EMF-induced damage & prevention.

Our bodies can actually handle quite a lot of vitamin C and you should always look for high dose... you'll know when your limit is reached because you will experience diarrhea. Liposomal supplements are preferred because they are more easily absorbed into the