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Our textiles often contain toxicity –  fabrics containing elasticity are man made and derived from petrochemicals. The majority of sportswear and technical fibres contain chemicals which can even extend to chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals), ammonia, and/or other harmful contaminants to treat the fabrics – all of which are harsh & irritating to skin as well as our overall health.
When it comes to our skin, just like skincare products, it's important we stick to naturally clean materials by manufacturers we trust... remember, 27 sec. for a chemical to enter into our blood stream through our skin.
Cotton and bamboo are both grown in nature and sustainable fibres, which we strongly recommend bodies be enveloped in for health & wellness. 
These are our Apothecary's hand picked choices for textiles!




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