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One of the oldest and most traditional acts of wellness is the burning of palo santo wood. The benefits of this soothing ritual have have proven to be relevant due to our modern day stressors.


Palo Santo literally translates to ‘holy wood’ and is a tree native to Central and South America. It has been burned by medicine men/women and Shamans for centuries, used to cleanse and clear negative energy, with a unique fragrance containing notes of citrus, mint and pine – palo santo is showing up on the pages of all of our favourite glossies, making it even more important to recognize and respect the cultural and spiritual significance of this ritual


Palo Santo has traditionally been used as an offering to the good indigenous spirit beings, particularly in a sacred space. It’s believed that, as we in the earthly plain enjoy sweet smells, the spirit beings will also be attracted to pleasant smells and vibration.


3 Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks - pack of 3

SKU: 0266
  • Light one end of the stick and allow the wood to burn.  Walk, with the stick, through out your home or space with good intention or chant a mantra.  Keep your mind positive and allow the wood to cleanse your surroundings, mind and soul!

    *** Always place in a glass or ceramic bowl and do not leave un attended while buring.

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